CNC Lathe Machines


What is a CNC Lathe Machine?

Firstly, CNC is shore for Computer Numerical Control. This machine consists of the mini computer that acts as a controller unit. It feeds the program of instructions directly into the computer through a small board similar to a traditional keyboard. The program is stored in the computer memory.

The codes can be easily written and edited by the programmer. This machine has greater flexibility and computational capability. Simply by reprogramming the unit new systems can be incorporated into the machine. These programs can be used for other parts so they don’t have to be repeated again.

How Does the CNC Lathe Machine Work?

The computer part of the CNC machine feeds the program for cutting the metal. All the processes and cutting instructions are finalized and the dimensions are fed back into the computer from the program. The machine works by following all of your instructions.

A few of the common machine tools that are used to run on the CNC include: Lathe, Milling machines, Drilling Machine, etc. The ultimate goal of this machine is to remove some of the metal to give it an acquired shape such as round or rectangular.  In the traditional methods of operation of these machines, the operators are experts of these machines. Although the operators role is minimized, they should be expert enough to make the precision jobs. All the operator has to do is feed the program instructions into the computer, load the appropriate tools into the machine and the computer does the rest of the work automatically. The computer follows the instructions fed by the operator and makes the various cuts needed.

The CNC machines are designed to make very accurate cuts so you don’t have to. The machine will even remove it once the job is finished and starts the next job on its own. This way the machine can accomplish more fabrication jobs in 24 hours without much monitoring.

Most manufacturing companies have CNC machines now as the markets have gotten very competitive. Most machine operators prefer to operate the machine by programming rather than manually because expert laborers are difficult to find. Most new operators are taught to operate the machine manually as well as programming.

What Programming Does the CNC Program Use?

Almost all CNC controls today for programming use a word address format. This means the CNC program follows sentence-like commands. A command is consists of CNC words that have a letter address and a numerical value. The letter address informs the control the of the word and the numerical value informs the control the value of it. The words in the CNC command tell the machine what duties we want it to perform.

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