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Using Advanced Welding Technology Can Revitalized Today’s Welding Classroom

Advanced welding technology can revitalize today’s welding classroom. The old adage that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” sometimes seems more like a challenge than words of wisdom. Today’s global market and the evolution of new technology offers … Continue reading

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A New Model for Welding Education

The skills needed by employers from their welders today are moving targets that must change as the industry changes.

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Preparing Aluminum Before Welding

Aluminum is being utilized more frequently for many different applications because of its material properties such as strength-to-weight rations, corrosion resistance, the abundance of its raw form bauxite and the relative ease of making aluminum.

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Maximizing Operator Comfort and Safety to Increase Productivity: Part 2

In the metalworking industry, one of the major challenges is increase productivity, which can ultimately be achieved through reducing downtime and increasing yield. Tools that can withstand the harsh environments and rigors of the job, feature an ergonomic design and … Continue reading

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Maximizing Operator Comfort and Safety to Increase Productivity: Part 1

There are many issues that play a role in welding operator comfort, including the heat generated by the welding process, the repetitive motions, and at times, cumbersome equipment. These challenges can take a tole, which can result in aches, fatigue … Continue reading

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Output Current Considerations for SMAW

Output current and voltage is delivered by power sources with the electrical characteristics that make arc welding possible. For shield metal arc welding, (SMAW), two types of power sources are utilized: static machines that convert energy supplied by electric power … Continue reading

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Variable Affecting the Mechanical Properties of Carbon Steel Welds

When designing a structure — whether it’s a bridge, building or vehicle — engineers have to do according to the strength of the base material. Every finished product is required to meet specific requirements, including how much weight it can … Continue reading

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Selecting Filler Metals for Stainless Steels

The capabilities that make stainless steel so attractive — the ability to tailor its mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion and oxidation — also increase the complexity of selecting an appropriate filler metal. Any of of several types of electrodes … Continue reading

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It Only Takes a Spark

While sparks may be avoidable during your operations, fires are not. Potential fire risks can be reduced dramatically with effective spark arrestance and fire suppressant technologies and here’s how.

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Grinder Selection Tips

There’s rarely a day that a welder goes without using a right-angle grinder. It is common practice to use a right-angle grinder after welding a joint to remove a weld bead. A grinder is also usually used to create beveled … Continue reading

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