Lathe Machines – Safety Precautions


Lathe Machines are a rather exceptional tool for cutting near any material, such as sheet metal and wood. This machine in particular is extremely sharp, which can lead to dangerous situations if the operator is unaware of certain issues. Consumer Product Safety Commission says that the most common injuries pertaining to Lathe Machines are broken fingers, cuts to the hands and hot shrapnel hitting the body or eyes. Wearing proper clothing and practicing safe cutting techniques ensures that you will be able to use this device without problems.

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Welding Safety


When welding, often times injuries are sustained by the person who is welding due to their lack of knowledge of safety while performing a welding job. Things such as sparks or splatters are commonplace in the welding industry and without the protection to combat these issues people can become seriously injured. Even without the proper shade of lens for your mask or goggles can lead to you or others around you without protection to sustain eye damage. This article will touch on the basics of welding safety.

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