Metal Rollers: Uses and Safety


Metal rollers are a quick and efficient way to bend metal into desirable shapes and tubes with precision. These tools are dangerous in many ways and without proper use and safety, the operator could become seriously injured. In this article I am going to discuss what exactly a metal roller is and what hazards to avoid while using a metal roller machine.


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How to Perform Risk Assessment for Bad Welds

risk assessment for bad welds

In the welding industry, a bad weld can lead to disaster and devastation on massive levels. The lack of inspection and guidelines now a days are something that is in need of serious reform. However, at BWM services we inspect all welds to make sure they are fit for duty. No product leaves our shop if the welds are unsafe or unreliable. Giving our customers a safe product is among a top priority among us. With professionals and years of experience under our belts we can guarantee your satisfaction with our work. We will discuss how to perform risk assessment for bad welds.

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