Century Plate Shear Machine Safety Tips


Safety should always be the number one priority when operating Century Plate Shear Machines because one mistake can lead to disastrous results. Here is a few basic safety tips to help prevent any accidents from occurring while operating this machine.

Safety Tips

  1. When setting up the shear always use the proper lockout procedures. If leaving the machine unattended, shut off the power completely and follow lock out procedures when doing total prevention maintenance.
  2. After completing each cut on machines that are not equipped with light curtains or safeguards, completely remove your foot from the pedal box.
  3. Verify the proper safety function when operating machines with a light curtain.
  4. Always wait for the signal to cycle the shear when operating the machine with two people. Be sure to know the other person’s location before beginning to cycle the machine.
  5. To avoid injury on sharp corners, be sure to always dispose of scrap material properly into the scrap metal bin.
  6. Do not put your hands or arms or any other part of your body between the blades or under hold downs.
  7. After setting up, always be sure to put your tools back. Practicing good housekeeping will prevent many injuries from occurring.
  8. Keeps your hands a safe distance away from the shear blades at all times.

Operating Tips

  1. Never cut material thicker than 3/8 inches.
  2. Always make sure the material is located under at least one hold down.
  3. When using a bear paw magnet, do not lift more than one sheet at a time.
  4. To avoid risk of injury never feed material from the backside of the shear.
  5. Don’t attempt to shear material that is shorter than three times its thickness because this will cause damage to the machine.
  6. Never cut material that has been heat-treated.
  7. Avoid contacting the shear when removing material with a forklift.
  8. Don’t cut multi-stack parts.
  9. Turn the light curtain off “bypass” when you don’t have full control of the machine.
  10. Always measure the length of pieces.


These are just a few basic tips to help avoid the risk of injury when operating a Century Plate Shear Machine. Always be sure to do your research or ask a professional before operating any machine.

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